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PRO SERIES floating docks are the toughest pipe dock on market

Unique HDPE* flotation framework that provides superior buoyancy, strength and stability.

The Pro Series floating docks are the ultimate in high quality, premium performance docks. Not only does the heavy duty HDPE pipe frame act as the flotation system but its longitudinal and lateral welded frame gives the dock superior compression and torsional strength ideal if you choose to leave the dock in the ice over winter.

Dorset Timber Mart floating dock units can be custom manufactured in lengths up to 30’ and widths up to 10’ or more. The pipe is high quality Commercial grade plastic pipe.

Featuring commercial grade construction techniques, the Pro Series docks can be utilized as a single unit or arranged into various multi-unit configurations to suit a multitude of waterfront scenarios ranging from simple recreational layouts to full-scale marina systems.

Wood framing consists of 4″ x 4” pressure treated framing, 2” x 10” skirt and 2” x 6” decking. Included in complete docks are heavy duty galvanized inside corner hardware.

14″ Float Pipes with 12″ lateral welded pipe for exceptional stability and strength.

HDPE*  High Density Polyethylene – plastic pipe

Custom built cedar floating docks in a range of sizes. All are designed to ensure years of enjoyment and built to last!

6' Wide

SizePT SiennaCedarFrame Only
6'x16'$6,662Call For Pricing$3655
6'x20'$8,043Call For Pricing$4414
6'x24'$8,898Call For Pricing$5418
6'x30'$9,372Call For Pricing$6078

10' Wide

SizePT SiennaCedarFrame Only
10'x10'$5,144Call For Pricing$2509
10'x16'$8,734Call For Pricing$5291
10'x20'$10,174Call For Pricing$5860
10'x24'$12,509Call For Pricing$6866
10'x30'$15,635Call For Pricing$8132

8' Wide

SizePT SiennaCedarFrame Only
8'x8'$4,301Call For Pricing$2285
8'x16'$7,264Call For Pricing$4114
8'x20'$8,987Call For Pricing$4829
8'24'$10,595Call For Pricing$5717
8'x30'$12,075Call For Pricing$6747

12' Wide

SizePT SiennaCedarFrame Only
12'x12'$6,288Call For Pricing$3158
12'x16'$9,041Call For Pricing$5653
12'x20'$11,463Call For Pricing$6331
12'x24'$14,588Call For Pricing$7408
12'x30'$18,285Call For Pricing$8746


SizePT SiennaCedar 
8' Ramp$1044Call For Pricing
10' Ramp$1140Call For Pricing
12' Ramp$1209Call For Pricing

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