Building permits & how to get started

This bit of information is ‘borrowed’ from the Spring mailing from the Township of Algonquin Highlands but the information, with a few twists and turns for your Municipalities regulations is pretty well universal.

Preparation is the key!

An initial site plan presented to the Planning/Building Department for review will reveal if a building permit may be pursued.

Once zoning compliance has been achieved, a completed Building Permit Application, accompanied by 2 sets of detailed construction plans, septic system information and payment of the necessary fees should get your project underway.


That’s pretty straight forward info that you can use. Here is some other helpful information for you.

Algonquin Highlands what needs a permit and what doesn’t and a list of fees charged.

It’s a great site that you should spend a few minutes getting familiar with as well as ‘book mark’ it for ease of future reference.