Dorset Tim-Br Mart was pur­chased by Regi­nald and France Mouland in 1976 orig­i­nally oper­ated by Robert Aber­nathy as Dorset Build­ing Cen­tre. The busi­ness started with a small hard­ware shop, three stor­age sheds, a pine fur­ni­ture store, a wood­work­ing shop and one deliv­ery truck. Over the years Regi­nald and France ren­o­vated the hard­ware store, and added 2 more stor­age sheds, and brought up three daugh­ters, Jackie, Chan­tal and Julie. In the early eight­ies, Regi­nald became part of a provin­cial buy­ing group called “Home­care Build­ing Cen­tres”, and was able to use the buy­ing power of the group while stay­ing inde­pen­dant. Regi­nald passed away in 1996, leav­ing the oper­a­tions to his wife France. Over the next four years France and her daugh­ter and son-in-law, Chan­tal and Rob Hamil­ton, worked on grow­ing the busi­ness and learn­ing the ropes. Dorset Build­ing Cen­tre changed it’s name to Dorset Tim-Br Mart in 1997, this was a deci­sion made by “Home­care” in order to dis­tin­guish it’s buy­ing mem­bers as pri­mar­ily lum­ber and hard­ware retail­ers, and to stop the con­fu­sion between “Home­care Build­ing Cen­tres”, and “Home Hard­ware”. Since the name change, Rob and Chan­tal have grown the busi­ness to include eight deliv­ery trucks, eleven full time staff, three more sheds and an ever increas­ing assort­ment of inven­tory. We are proud to offer the same excel­lent cus­tomer ser­vice as we have since 1976, and free deliv­ery* in the Muskoka/Haliburton region. Browse our prod­uct list to see the range of items we offer in stock and the many other items we would be glad to bring in for you. Our knowl­edgable staff can assist you in all of your cot­tage and home ren­o­va­tions, and would be pleased to help you in design­ing and cost­ing any project you are planning.

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